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About Us

Why does PPDA Exist

PPDA has pledged to leverage the potential of Pakistani citizens by improving their capacities and capabilities. This is not just an ordinary business message; rather, this is REALITY and we need to face this. As a community, we are far behind. Yes, we are not GOOD citizens. We are not good community members.

Here is the recent verdict from the HEC Chairman. 

“Our Education system produces neither good students nor good citizens” – Dr Tariq Banuri

Thus we are here to change the paradigm of education. Yes, this is a bold claim, however, we believe in actions rather than  words.

Still Interested in Vision and Mission

PPDA envisaged to be the only name when it comes to professional development. In the first phase, PPDA trains the educators. Upskilling the teachers and other educational personnels so that they can prepare good students and eventually good citizens.  Then, PPDA will train the non education sector.




Life Time

Footsteps of PPDA:

We started just like any other startup; full of ambition yet uncertain. We faced barriers, yes, a lot of them. However,  we are stubborn. We climbed up those stones and utilised them as stepping stones to cross the river of uncertainty. We overcome our fears by embracing them. 

PPDA walks with the slogan “DREAM to REALITY”; we will aid the transition of the dream to the reality that you have envisaged. You know, having a helping hand is always better. We are that helping hand, the guardian angel.


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